About us

We are 9Tails Apparels. Its our mission to propagate the anime and comic t-shirt and merchandize in India. We strive to bring the coolest artistic anime designs to you at discounted prices. As E-commerce is growing and has become mainstream in India, leveraging the tech behind running an e-commerce store, we aim to bring premium quality apparels across India using this website. 


We are a team of Anime enthusiasts coming from humble background in India's maximum city. We grew up as 90s kids when internet, technology, media and later in next decade the smartphone revolution was unfolding itself. Having said that, the transition from Cartoon Network produced content to anime felt like natural progression.

The anime had slowly yet intensely made its foray into India. We are sure, all of you share the same feeling as us, when we were first introduced to Anime.

"This is something exotic. Never watched such intense, deeply engaging content that enthralls down to spine". A decade and more of anime fanhood and we can still say the feelings haven't changed. For many of us, anime has shaped our personality, thought process and way of life.

With anime gauging new platforms like Amazon Prime video and Netflix, millions more are going to be influenced in India and beyond. To share this common feeling of love for anime and pay tribute to this "awesome beyond words culture" that originated in Japan, we started 9Tails.


What makes us a unique is that; we are creating an entire all-in-one store for the all the time best, trending and upcoming anime based tee designs.

The designs are carefully crafted by our artists keeping the wider fan following in mind. The apparels are manufactured using premium fabric to further up the ante.

We are further working to bring you hoodies, shirts and a larger range of merchandize to satiate the otaku in you. We won't be restricting to anime and will be adding up designs based on Comic, Action heroes and Series trending around the globe.


9Tails Apparels is not a Marketplace. It’s a one stop store for the quote lovers, engineering enthusiasts, anime fans, sport freaks and pretty much anyone you can think of to find a tee design of their taste. The T-shirts are designed to with your every mood and for every occasion. The apparels also come with a steep discount and promotional offers to give you icing on the cake.


At 9Tails Apparels, we have also built a strong supply chain and our associates are springing into action to bring you the best experience of shopping.